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How to charge an EV

How to charge, where to charge and the types of chargers

No more charging anxiety

The #1 reason Ride-Hailing drivers have told us they are hesitant to make the switch to an Electric Vehicle, and we get it.


So we have created a complete charging guide.


If you have any questions at all please contact our helpful team or come and visit our London Showroom.

How to charge when you're on the go

In London in December 2022, there were 650 petrol stations, vs 14,360 charging points for EV's (as of July 2023).


London actually is the city with most EV charging points in Europe.

They really are all over London and the charging network is growing every day.

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How to find an EV charging point

Zap Map is the leading App which shows all Electric Vehicle charging points, anywhere you are. It shows you all of the charge points near you, how powerful they are and if they are currently available.

Most Ride-Hailing drivers should ideally charge their EVs overnight at/near their home so charging on the go should mainly be to top up your range. The slower chargers (especially lamp post chargers from the likes of Ubitricity) are generally the cheapest way to charge. 

What are the different types of EV chargers?

There are 4 main types of chargers; 3-pin home chargers, home pods, public slow chargers and rapid chargers. On Zap Map all rapid chargers are pink, fast chargers are blue and slow chargers are yellow.

Home 3-pin charging

This method of charging plugs directly in to the mains in your house using a 3-pin socket.


This is the slowest way to charge, so we recommend you only use this if you need to top up your battery.

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Power: 2 kWh

Time to charge: 

up to 30 hours

Home charging point

If you have a driveway at home, we would highly recommend you get in touch with your electricity provider and get a home charging point.


It's the easiest way to charge your vehicle and it’s the cheapest too.

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Time to charge: 

up to 10 hours


3-22 kWh

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Public slow charging

We recommend you use this overnight as it's the cheapest option after the home charging point if you haven't got one.


With the slow charging points you have to use the type 2 charging cable that is in the boot of your electric vehicle.

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Public Slow Chargers.png


3-22 kWh

Time to charge: 

up to 10 hours

Rapid Chargers

Using public rapid chargers is the fastest way to charge. The charging points always come with the cable (CCS) already attached.


You shouldn't exceed 80% charge because to go from 80 to 100 takes a long time and you'd be wasting money.


We recommend not using rapid more than 1-2 times a week as they can damage your battery health.

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Time to charge: 

25-45 minutes


22-150+ kWh

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How far can you go on a single charge?

One of the main concerns with the EV drivers is not being able to go very far without having to recharge. However, this isn't the case. The range of our cars is between 250-377 miles, the map below shows you just how far that can take you:

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