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Uber Clean Air Plan

Everything you need to know

New Uber incentive: get a £700 reward if you switch to an EV by December 2023!

If you where an Uber driver in London between 16 January 2019 and 14 March 2022 then a 'Clean Air Fee' was collected for every trip you did.

This money built up and if it reached at least £100, you can apply to use it to help reduce the cost of an EV through WeFlex.

Getting an EV

To claim the Clean Air Plan funds (also known as EV assistance) you need to have:

  1. £100 or more of EV assistance accumulated

  2. 150 completed trips in the past 8 weeks

Uber clean air - using.jpg

Using your Uber Clean Air Plan

EV Assistance can be used for both Rent-To-Buy or rental of an electric vehicle:

Rent-To-Buy: If purchasing a vehicle, the whole amount of EV Assistance you have accumulated can be used towards the deposit or to reduce the weekly payments. You can only claim EV assistance once towards the purchase of an EV.

Rental: If renting a vehicle, you can claim £300 of EV assistance towards a 13 week rental or £100 of EV Assistance towards a 4 week rental. You can claim EV Assistance multiple times if renting an EV.

Source: Uber

Input your Uber Clean Air Fund to see what you'll save a week

(weekly savings based on a 5 year Rent-To-Buy contract)

Ready to switch to electric?

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