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Why switch to 100% electric?

Earn more

When driving Uber Green in an EV, you earn 10% more for each trip.

PLUS you get to keep the £1.50 Central London added to every Uber trip that starts, ends or passes through the Congestion Charge zone as EVs don't pay this charge!

You save £116/week* by driving a 100% electric vehicle!

No congestion charge

No congestion charge
SAVE £75/week

Uber clean air plan

Uber Clean Air Plan
SAVE £12/week

Servicing & tax
SAVE £10/week

Servicing costs are dramatically reduced because there are far fewer moving parts that are prone to wear out over time. There is no engine in an electric car, just a battery with an 8 year warranty for some leading EV's WeFlex offer.


Say goodbye to engine oil, oil filters and coolant levels.

Often the initial concern for a Ride-Hailing driver considering switching to an electric vehicle is the charging. EV charging is relatively new and not something many of us have done before, but there is absolutely no need to worry its quite simple. 

ZapMap charging London

The charging infrastructure in the UK has massively improved over the last few years, there are apps available including Zap Map (pictured to the left), which shows all of the charging points around you.


Electric ‘petrol stations’ are popping up all over the UK which have the capacity to charge up to 24 EVs on rapid chargers at once.

The WeFlex team are on hand to talk Ride-Hailing drivers considering making the switch to an EV through how to charge and where to charge. We offer EV charging training to all customers ahead of driving away in their new EV.

In recent years the EV ranges have significantly improved, and WeFlex only offer new electric vehicles with substantial ranges of over 250 miles. Take a look at our EVs.

This map below shows you just how far you can go from WeFlex HQ on a single charge:

Electric vehicles emit absolutely zero emissions

Ride-hailing drivers drive considerable mileage every year so switching to an EV makes an enormous difference vs a consumer driving an EV.

Alladale Wilderness Reserve

WeFlex also plant a tree for every EV we sell in order to do more to clean up the air and combat climate change.

It is regularly commented on how quiet, smooth and relaxing an electric ride is. Ride-Hailing drivers spend on average 7 hours a day in their vehicle, this makes a huge difference.

Customers love EV's and we have heard from Ride-Hailing drivers they are getting higher customer ratings since driving an EV!

*Cost savings calculated by WeFlex based upon a Ride-Hailing driver in London in a Kia e-Niro compared to a Toyota Prius Active hybrid Based on: 33,000 miles per year (personal and work), charging at 34p/KWH, driving into the Congestion Charge zone 5 days a week. Savings will vary depending on the vehicles compared. These cost savings are subject to driving style and where you charge your vehicle. Prices are based on January 2024, and are subject to change. WeFlex does not warrant these cost savings.

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