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Electric vehicle cost savings

As a PCO driver, you save £6,032* a year when you switch to an electric vehicle!

Here are the main cost savings:

Weekly Saving*
Yearly Saving*
Congestion Charge
Uber Clean Air Discount
Servicing & tax

Electric vehicle PCO drivers also earn more

PCO drivers pay on average £4,000 a year** less commission when they drive an EV.

Uber Green

Earn 10% more for each Uber Green trip in an EV.

*Cost savings calculated by WeFlex based upon a Ride-Hailing driver in London in a Kia e-Niro compared to a Toyota Prius Active hybrid Based on: 33,000 miles per year (personal and work), charging at 34p/KWH, driving into the Congestion Charge zone 5 days a week. Savings will vary depending on the vehicles compared. These cost savings are subject to driving style and where you charge your vehicle. Prices are based on January 2024, and are subject to change. WeFlex does not warrant these cost savings.

**Cost savings on the basis of a full time Ride-Hailing drivers taking £40K per annum post commission, assumes that the driver saves 10% commission by choosing to drive an EV 

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