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How WeFlex handles complaints

We aim to treat our customers fairly at all times, especially when they feel they have cause for complaint. We investigate all complaints seriously to make sure that we can address any issues with our products and services.

Our customer service team are trained to recognise, acknowledge and record complaints. Our senior management team ensure that all complaints are investigated, assessed and processed in line with our regulatory obligations.

Once we have received a complaint

An investigation will take place to find out the cause of the complaint so that we can offer a resolution. If we are unable to resolve the issue within the same day that the complaint has been made, then we will send you an acknowledgement letter via email​.

This will acknowledge that we have received the complaint, provide a link to the T&Cs on our website and advise of the next steps that will be taken. We promise to keep you informed during the investigation of your complaint via the method of your choosing.

Complaints resolved within 3 business days

If the complaint can be resolved within 3 business days, then we will send a summary resolution communication letter via email ​which will outline the result of our investigation and offer our response.

Complaints not resolved within 3 business days

If we have not resolved your complaint within 4 weeks, we will send another formal confirmation outlining the reason for delay.

Once our investigations are complete, we will issue a final response letter​ which will outline the result of our investigation and offer our response.

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